TTTech Auto Introduces PM-300: A Cutting-Edge Data Logger Redefining Vehicle Testing

[Vienna, Austria, December 4, 2023] – TTTech Auto is proud to unveil the PM-300, the latest addition to its advanced line of data loggers and the successor to the PM-200. Positioned as a pioneering member of a new generation of data loggers, the PM-300 is set to modernize the testing, validation, and design processes for truly safe and secure software-defined vehicles. 

Despite its compact size, the PM-300 boasts high processing power and a vast data bandwidth, providing recording speeds of up to 16 Gb/s. The built-in "high-capacity SSD" facilitates the recording of short campaigns, while its compatibility with external storage modules allows for extended recording capacities during lengthy test drives. 

Tailored to meet the demanding requirements of functional and fleet testing, as well as test runs, the PM-300's flexibility, programmability, and support for debugging protocols make it a versatile solution. Enabling rapid data evaluation and distribution, it positions itself as the preferred solution for data logging. 

"The PM-300 reflects our dedication to innovating and shaping the future of mobility. Redefining safety and security in software-defined vehicles, it represents an advanced tool that combines a compelling form factor with high-performance computing for vehicle testing, validation, and design. Through our PM-300 product, we tackle the critical roles of Systems, Safety, and Security in our 4SDV approach at TTTech Auto, reflecting on these system-level properties from the start for an uncompromised vehicle performance," says Horst Willburger, Director of Electronic Controls Design House.

TTTech Auto continues its commitment to making software-defined vehicles a reality, and the PM-300 stands as a testament to its 4SDV approach. This approach emphasizes the interrelated roles of Systems, Safety and Security in the Software-Defined Vehicle. Safety and security are system-level properties and cannot be achieved through software alone. It is paramount to consider them from the outset to mitigate the risk of setbacks such as missed timelines and cost overruns. 


Key Benefits of PM-300: 

  • Complete Vehicle Network Solution: The PM-300 logs data from traditional interfaces (CAN FD, LIN, FlexRay), Automotive Ethernet, and cameras. 
  • Straightforward Upgrade: Offers an easy upgrade route for existing TTTech data logger devices. 
  • Versatile Use Cases: Ideal for fleet testing, HIL simulations, lab testing, and testing vision-based ECUs (autonomous driving). 
  • Flexibility: An expandable and future-proof solution supporting high data bandwidth. 
  • Real-Time Data Forwarding: Features Forward Data in real-time (TAP functionality). 
  • Precision: Provides precise measurements and data timestamps (less than 100 nanoseconds). 
  • Compact Size: The smallest high-performance data logger on the market. 
  • User-Friendly: Easy-to-use with hassle-free configuration. 
  • Third-Party Tool Compatibility: Allows the use of third-party tools for added convenience. 

For more information, including pricing and availability, please visit Testing Tools – PM-300

PM-300 Data Logger

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