Product & Technology Day 2023: Into the future with vision and expertise

Product & Technology Day

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It was impressive to see how many TTTech colleagues attended this year's Product & Technology Day in Vienna, both on site and virtually. As always, our CTO Stefan Poledna welcomed the participants and gave a short introduction to the rich all-day program, which included product roadmaps, TechPulse with demonstrations, exhibition, and networking opportunities.

In short: 9 entities and departments, 16 presentations, 250+ participants. All with the same goal: to share excellent results and exchange knowledge and plans for the year ahead.

This year’s event is also part of TTTech’s #IMPACT25 campaign. You can read more about the campaign here.


TTTech Auto’s roadmap: The safe way forward

Product managers Tamas Liszbauer and Clemens Heller presented TTTech Auto products and solutions, highlighting the fact that TTTech Auto doesn't only focus on software, but also on hardware products, safety consultancy and engineering services. This makes us unique in offering complete solutions for the software-defined vehicle (SDV). Our System, Safety, Security, Software-defined vehicle (4SDV) approach offers everything needed to achieve truly safe future-proven software-defined vehicles.


Product Portfolio


They outlined the most important results and roadmaps for MotionWise, our safety middleware, and Zetta Auto, the new communication solution that we developed together with ZettaScale.

MotionWise and Zetta Auto enable a variety of use cases, from edge to cloud, and make a service-oriented architecture (SOA) safe and performant. They form a compact offering and are constantly being improved to ensure the best vehicle performance for our customers. Both MotionWise and Zetta Auto complement the industry's transition to more automated and safer mobility. 


Christopher Helpa presenting

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At TechPulse, our System Architect Christoper Helpa and Manager Product Innovation Bernhard Leiner presented and demonstrated some of the capabilities of the ROS2 middleware. In the first demonstration, they showed an AD application running on our safety and performance-optimized ROS2 stack. The vehicle driving on a road was visualized with the Robot Visualization Tool (RVIZ). In addition, they also demonstrated how our new data-deterministic executor reduces system complexity and simplifies testing by ensuring timely processing of events as opposed to the pseudo-random order of events in default ROS2.

Furthermore, exhibitions took place on site, where Clemens Heller and Project Manager Stefan Feirer presented the possibilities of combining DDS, TSN, Zenoh and ROS2 on automotive hardware as part of of the Zetta Auto Experience Kit. 

After these intensive and insightful presentations, the participants were able to network with their colleagues and engage in exciting conversations in a relaxed atmosphere.


Together towards success

We meet every year to discuss our progress and define challenges. We meet to share experiences, expand our knowledge and plant new ideas. Because we know that we can only make progress together. We will meet again next year to continue our journey towards better, future-oriented technologies.

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