New PhD Program in Trustworthy Autonomous Cyber-Physical Systems to Address Emerging Challenges

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Autonomous Cyber-Physical Systems (ACPS) are revolutionizing industries by leveraging cutting-edge technology to perform complex tasks with reduced or no human intervention. From advanced driver assistance systems to autonomous farming, these systems hold the potential to significantly enhance sustainability, reduce pollution, and improve transportation safety. However, the rapid advancement of ACPS technology also brings challenges related to safety, security, ethics, and trust.

In response to this, TTTech Auto and B&C Holding are launching a new doctoral program in Austria titled "Trustworthy Autonomous Cyber-Physical Systems", providing €825,000 in funding. Set to commence in winter of 2023, this innovative program aims to train professionals capable of addressing the scientific challenges associated with ACPS.

ACPS combines powerful embedded systems with AI components, enabling them to mimic human cognitive functions, such as vision and perception. While these capabilities promise a brighter future, they also introduce the need for robust safety measures. Potential software and hardware failures, as well as cyberattacks, could have far-reaching consequences. Additionally, the prospect of ACPS operating autonomously raises questions about trust, responsibility, and ethical decision-making.

The program's key focus is to develop ACPS that are trustworthy and reliable by addressing various requirements, including safety, security, timeliness, robustness, fairness, and transparency in decision-making. To achieve this, the architecture of ACPS will be approached by decomposing them into nearly independent self-contained subsystems with simple interfaces, allowing for rigorous testing and validation.

The doctoral program will welcome eleven Ph.D. students, starting in the winter of 2023, and TTTech Auto and B&C Privatstiftung will sponsor three positions. The program actively encourages applications from both national and international highly qualified researchers, with a special emphasis on promoting female applicants. Doctoral students will have access to a wide range of training opportunities, including industrial internships, workshops, summer schools, and research stays abroad at leading universities.

One of the college's key objectives is to establish a sustainable knowledge exchange between industry and academia partners, with a focus on foundational research in the field of ACPS. The program also plans to expand its scope by collaborating with other faculties, jointly seeking additional funding to create a sustainable and interdisciplinary educational initiative.

The "Trustworthy Autonomous Cyber-Physical Systems" doctoral program represents Austria's commitment to staying at the forefront of this emerging field, addressing the challenges posed by ACPS, and fostering the development of future experts in the domain.

For more information about the program and application details, please get in touch with Professor Ezio Bartocci at or visit TU Wien Informatics Doctoral school web page

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