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1000BASE-T1 Ethernet logging expansion with low latency

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About PT-20MG

The PT-20MG expands the PM-200 data logger from the Power Family by adding six 1000BASE-T1 automotive gigabit Ethernet interfaces. Ethernet traffic is looped through the device with constantly low latency irrespective of the frame length. This means that the time synchronization protocols of the logged Ethernet interfaces are not affected. 1000BASE-T1 packets are time-stamped, filtered and sent to the data logger via a 1000BASE-T interface.

Key Benefits

  • 6 x 1000BASE-T1 Automotive Gigabit Ethernet
  • Loop through with constant latency, independent of the frame size
  • High performance for full network utilization
  • Ethernet filter function
  • Cascadable

Service Area

For further information, including price and availability, please contact products@tttech-auto.com

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